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Joe’s Shoe Service Still Kickin’

It’s shops like these that make you realize hard work is still relished. “These days, Book said, “You buy ‘em, you wear ‘em out, you throw them away” and purchase a new style. “We’re a throwaway society.” Boot and shoe makers rock.

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The Art of A Great Find

Don’t you just love it when you order an awesome used book from AbeBooks for only $12? And don’t you just love it even more when you open up that book and find an autograph from one of the authors? Sweet.

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Paul Bond Measuring for Custom Boots

Does it get any cooler than this? I really wish he was still around to have a conversation. Puts a twinkle in my eyes.

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Couple in Gering, Nebraska Teaches Dying Art of Leather Repair

Dan Flowers and his wife Jo own a leather repair shop in Gering, Nebraska that offers a program for students to learn the leather repair craft.  They repair saddles, boots, or anything leather. This article struck me as special because the couple have the intention not only to teach people the craft but help others start their own shop. “Even if we can just help five families, that would mean a lot of to us.” It’s a great feeling to know that there are still people out there that believe in hard work and taking care of the customer.

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Custom Boot Maker Profiles

Starting this week I’m introducing a new feature on With cooperation from custom boot makers across the United States, I will be interviewing the makers profiling their backgrounds, experiences and work for everyone to enjoy. It’s a good way for the boot makers to market their name and show off their amazing craft.

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Schwarz Custom Boots Featured in Indiana Newspaper

Big Sky Montana’s, Schwarz Custom Boots, was featured today in The Republic out of Columbus, Indiana. “After that we had requests for classes,” Crane said. “There are not that many custom boot makers anymore. Western artisans have such a commitment to tradition. Boot making is dying out and we’re happy to pass it on. It’s never been a closed shop. It’s always been out in the open.”

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A Call To All Custom Boot Makers

Greetings custom boot makers! I created for all lovers of the craft of custom boot making. I want to personally invite all of the footwear craftsman around the world to submit any information to this site about their unique talent. Market yourself and keep the craft going! I hope you enjoy the site. Please let me know of any requests or suggestions. Thank you and welcome!

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Bob Boyce, Custom Cowboy Boot Maker

Bob Boyce explains and demonstrates the way he makes his boots:

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El Paso, Texas keeping the boot making craft alive

Keeping the boot making craft alive in El Paso, Texas. Has some great colorful photos of knarly looking hands and fingers from the years of making boots.

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Tommy Tune’s Cowboy Boot Collection

There is a cool article on the Tampa Bay Times about Tommy’ Tune’s love for cowboy boots.

“I’m the Imelda Marcos of cowboy boots,” Tune said this week by phone. “I have all the boots I’ve ever had. I even have a couple pair of my father’s boots.”

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