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Joe’s Shoe Service Still Kickin’

It’s shops like these that make you realize hard work is still relished. “These days, Book said, “You buy ‘em, you wear ‘em out, you throw them away” and purchase a new style. “We’re a throwaway society.” Boot and shoe makers rock.

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2 comments on “Joe’s Shoe Service Still Kickin’

  1. Ricky Stratton on said:

    Is it possible to re-size and re-shape cowboy boots? I’ve got a pair of Justin Elephant Skin Round Toe’s that are already stamped “irregular” and are size 11 1/2 (eleven and a half) and I’m a 9 1/2. I’d like to re-do these boots to fit with a square tip toe (pointed but with a small flat tip).
    I’m even thinking about doing it myself! Problem is I’ve got not tools or know how! I helped someone out, they gave me these boots.
    please advise

  2. Nancy Wilson on said:

    Good afternoon. My son is a quad. I am looking foe someone to make him a special boot.

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