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Boot Making Videos

Here is a collection of the best custom boot making videos out there

Lisa Sorrell, a custom boot maker based in Guthrie, Oklahoma has put together a wonderful series of videos for you to enjoy:

PART 1: Crimping, Cutting, and Pattern
PART 2: Using the Crimp Break
PART 3: Crimping On The Boards
PART 4: Crimping On The Boards, Cont.
Trimming the Beading
Narrow Skiving
Lacing The Shank Area
Tying Off The Inseam
Beginning The Inseam
Cutting The Side Draft
Pulling The Last
Lasting The Boots
Putting In The Beading
Turning The Boots
Crimp Break Demonstration
How To Make Beading
Laying Soles
Wiping In The Toe
Measuring The Foot
Stiching a Ten Row Design, PART 1
Stiching a Ten Row Design, PART 2
Pegging The Soles
Attaching The Counter Cover
Mounting The Cover
Creating Inlay In A Boot Top


Boot Making: Soles and Finish By R.Herrera Bootmaker
Punch Skelton: Boot maker
Easterling Custom Boots in Fredericksburg, VA
Smitty with Blucher Boot Company