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Bob Boyce, Custom Cowboy Boot Maker

Bob Boyce explains and demonstrates the way he makes his boots:

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5 comments on “Bob Boyce, Custom Cowboy Boot Maker

  1. Hi
    Loved your video. I would love to know what foot you have on your sewing machine, and where I could purchase one. Also, where do you buy your leather from.
    You also mentioned a stiffing material on the uppers, what do you use.

    thanks val

  2. DK Willilams on said:

    Mr. Boyce Thanks for taking some time to talk with me the other day especially giving me the name of Don Maples of Lloyd Logging. Look forward to working with you as neighbors and hope to have the a custom pair of boots made for me. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions as we progress with the improvement of the property.
    DK Williasm Cell: 360 676 1319

  3. Luke McLean on said:

    hello I really like to make things with my hands and I liked the video and would like to work with you next summer

  4. Trevor Davis on said:

    Mr. Boyce
    I am wondering if you offer a boot making school / class? If you do how long, how much any details. I have been looking for one that is trustworthly, If you do not offer one. Do you suggust one?

    Thank you for your time
    Trevor Davis

  5. Larry williamson on said:

    Hi Bob I was wandering how much to make a pare of saltwater croc skin boots for the vamp , and kangaroo top with a simple stich patern shaft….as well do you have any pics so I can see your work.thanks for your time Larry.

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